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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weirdest Dream Ever!

It all started when I was trying to trace a folded shirt for a template.
My sister was telling me that our Grandmother was behind all this all along.
So, I stopped doing what I was doing.
And, a weird person appeared and my grandma disappeared.
He was making the wood or material fall on us.
But, for some reason i saw a knitting needle with some stitches on the needle.
And then my sister was teleporting us to a cube after another.
We were trying to make this guy disappear but, he would just come back.
My grandma reappeared and told us to put him under the bowl.
Because putting him under the bowl, would make him cold due to ham being there.
For some reason we were eating the ham.

And, that is all I dreamed of before I woke up.

**First of all I never got the chance to meet any of my Grandmothers

**Second of all I love sewing and knitting & crocheting

**I wonder the meaning behind this dream.

♥ Piink Poodle


mike draper said...

I think it's fun to try to remember what we dream about. Thanks for sharing yours.
Mike Draper

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